FACIT Fabbrica Calzature Italiane- Tredozio.

CLIENTS: Facit was founded in 1995 as a manufacturer of major Luxury shoe brands. Above all serving Rupert Sanderson Shoes, we have worked with other clients such as Fendi, Borbonese, Sergio Rossi, Bruno Magli, Oscar De La Renta, Anya Hindmarch to name a few, and have also played an important part in collaborations for fashion shows with some of the most important names in Luxury fashion such as Karl Lagerfeld and Antonio Berardi.
PRODUCTS: The product we specialize in is high quality Luxury elegant women's shoes of all heights and all types; We have various workshops adjacent to our head office that allow us to maintain the craftsmanship & high quality and excellent reputation of Made ​​in Italy. Starting with the cutting process we use cutting techniques such as digital, hand and template, which are then passed to our stitchery using modern and efficient machinery capable of all kinds of high quality workmanship. From here the process moves on to another workshop for the covering of heels and platform as well as various types of soles.
PATTERN CUTTING: We are proud to have an internal Pattern cutting and design office with 3 work stations dedicated to sampling, prototypes and press samples. We believe that samples are the fundamental tool which start the sales process. Alpha
PRODUCTION: For our production we use modern tools and instruments to keep in line with the making of a true artisan product & Made ​​in Italy. All our shoes are certified with valid documents to prove tests for resistance, durability & structure for (heels) and materials (leather).
LOGISTIC: Logistically, we can provide warehouse space for stock up to approximately 10,000 pairs. Once pairs are ready, we ship directly to end customers; .
QUALITY: We pride ourselves in our quality and follow a very strict process of check points starting from raw materials right up to finished product: These steps include our tanneries, workshops and all other suppliers whom are all carefully selected based on quality, certified by the new standards of evaluation..